We're back with CincyJam 2023. This combined parkour jam and tricking gathering is to bring together the community, open ways for practitioners to come and train around the city and just having fun with one another. The event is a great opportunity to meet the greater parkour and tricking community, train with new athletes, train around the city, and have a TON of fun.

Kids are welcome to join and participate, but we ask that kids be accompanied or assigned a dedicated guardian to ensure they are accounted for. During a jam we explore a variety of locations and are not responsible for guardianship.

Live Event Updates

Once the event starts this page will no longer be receiving updates. Make sure to check the @Cincy.Jam Instagram stories for live event updates, locations, announcements, and schedule changes.


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Special Guests

Marc Busch Parkour Athlete

Coming all the way from Germany we have @marcashigaru! Marc has an incredible mix of fluid, technical, and unique parkour and freerunning style

James Bast Freerunning/Hybrid

One punch man? A yoked mannequin? Nah it's @jamesbast_fnfr, one of the most elite athletes whose mastered his body, and most importantly, his mind. He's coming from Wisconsin

Jemini Powell Parkour Athlete + Stunt Woman

From parkour athlete to the red carpet, Jemini has been a staple in the parkour community and made it in Hollywood for Wakanda Forever. Don't miss her at this years event!

Ronand Hannigan Parkour Athlete

professional goofball, scooterer, "and that made me really happy"er @roland.hannigan is coming representing one of our event sponsors @OlloPK

Jett Lively ???

Insane in every single possible way @jett_lively brings an insane mix of tumbling, tricking, and flipping that's unlike

Adric Tang Tricker

Anyone who gets the pleasure of seeing this man boxcutter usually makes this face -> 😵‍💫. @atricktang got some of the nastiest leg throws in the game.

Mike Hom Tricker

Representing @vertigotricking, this man is responsible for one of the biggest tricking gatherings in world, we get the pleasure of welcoming @mikedoestricks to the fray.

Mikael Mantis Tricker

Bringing vert kick prowess from his huge calves and the power of friendship bestowed by @kizard.kfc, we have the honor of announcing @mikael_mantis


Swift Movement Parking

UC Subway Spot

Interactive Spot Map:


Locations and Schedule may have last minute changes. Once the event starts, updates will be posted to @Cincy.Jam Instagram stories (no account needed). 🚫 This page will not receive updates for our location


Friday 2pmPre-Event Outdoor Session

Smale Riverfront Park

Friday 7pmCheck-In @ Swift Movement

Make sure you have registered in advance! You'll receive your wristband, TShirt, and will have plenty of time for open gym around our 12,000 Sqft facility

Friday 11pmEnd of Gym Session

Friday MidnightLights Out

Once lights are out the doors and gate will be locked. If you leave, you will not be able to leave and re-enter.

Saturday 10amGym Closes

**Note: recommended to carpool from Swift to UC as parking is likely to be more expensive/difficult than normal as there is a homecoming game at noon

Saturday 10:30amGroup Warmup Game

Meet at Sigma Sigma Commons on University of Cincinnati campus. Drop off at roundabout on W University Ave.

If you are new to parkour, let us know and we'll give you an intro lesson.

**Recommended to carpool from Swift to UC as parking is likely to be more expensive/difficult than normal as there is a homecoming game at noon

Saturday 11:15amUC Library+ Subway

Our largest spot is nearly a half mile long with spots every few dozen feet. We'll have a group picture, several challenges, and this will be the main session of the day.

Saturday 1pmUC Breakout Session

Explore around the UC Campus to one of the dozens of spots listed on the map or migrate between them from group to group.

Saturday 6pmSwift Session

We'll have a mix of open session, and some highlight events including a Tricking Demo, Chase Tag Meetup, and more.

Saturday 1am (technically sunday)Gym Session Ends + Lights out soon after

Once lights are out the doors and gate will be locked. If you leave, you will not be able to leave and re-enter.

Sunday noonXavier University Admissions

UPDATE: changed to noon start

Sunday 6pm??End of Jam

Leave when you want to but the party stops when people are tired and hungry.

Event Sponsors

OLLO Parkour Shoe Brand

Get 10% off a pair of OLLOs by using the link below or promo code swiftmovement10

OLLO will be providing us with 3 pairs of shoes to giveaway during the event! Stay tuned to find out how you can win a pair

Want to sponsor the event?


Hosting the Cincinnati Parkour Jam each year is a labor of love, but it's also a significant investment in both time and resources. Your ticket purchase is more than just an entry fee; it's a contribution to the sustainability of an event that aims to enrich our community and promote the sport we're so passionate about. The funds raised enable us to provide top-notch guests, equipment, and a safe environment, all of which are essential for a memorable and impactful gathering. By charging a reasonable fee, we ensure that the Parkour Jam can continue to evolve, improve, and most importantly, happen again next year!

Spectators can enter for free without registration. We will give you a wristband upon check-in at Swfit

  • Everything in the Basic Bundle
    + Overnight housing at Swift Included! Bring your own sleeping bag or hammock! Minors must be accompanied by an adult (no dedicated Swift Staff will be staying at the gym)

  • + 12 Hours of Gym Access for Friday and Saturday
    + Chance to train and practice with professional athletes
    + All outdoor training sessions
    + Entry/Spectator passes for Battles, and Other activities during the event

  • + 6Hours of Gym Access
    + Chance to train and practice with professional athletes
    + All outdoor training sessions
    + Saturday - Entry/Spectator passes for Tricking Battles, and Other activities during the event

  • This only covers the outdoor sessions hosted by #CincinnatiParkour. These sessions are free to keep parkour accessible to all, but to help us keep the event alive please consider purchasing one of our paid options or merchandise


  • Shirts


    This year's shirts will be a techwear style design from @louisatribbs on an oversized thick tee (pump cover style). You can order your regular size and these will be a baggy fit

    Shirts have already been ordered! Limited supplies remaining

    We will have Swift Movement Shirts, and prior Jam shirts available throughout the event!

  • Fluid disciplines that focus on full body movement through urban or natural environments. Parkour emphasizes speed and practicality, while freerunning adds creative flair with flips, spins, and stylish tricks.

  • The art of combining martial arts kicks, flips, and acrobatics to create a dynamic and visually captivating movement style that blurs the lines between dance and athleticism.

  • Calisthenics, Breakdancing, Hip Hop, Acro Yoga, etc.


In consideration of the services of Swift Movements Studio LLC d/b/a Swift Movement Studio, their agents, owners, officers, volunteers, employees, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf (hereinafter collectively referred to as "SMS"), I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and discharge SMS, on behalf of myself, my spouse, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representative, and estate as follows:

1. I acknowledge that my participation in Training & Instruction - Tumbling, Yoga, Parkour & Acrobatics, Open Gym - Indoor Parkour, Yoga & Acrobatics, and Camps, Birthday Parties, Competitions, Obstacle Course Nights activities entails known and unanticipated risks that could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis, death, or damage to myself, to property, or to third parties. I understand that such risks simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity.

The risks include, among other things: slips, trips, and falls; falling from equipment; collision with other participants, spectators, or objects; rope burns, pinches, scrapes, twists and jolts that could result in scratches, bruises, sprains, lacerations, concussions, or even more severe life threatening hazards; muscular soreness, tears, cuts, strains, dislocations, fractures and broken bones; foot, ankle, leg, wrist, arm and shoulder injuries; musculoskeletal injuries including head, neck, and back injuries; eye injury or loss; being struck by other objects dislodged or thrown from above; the use and potential or actual failure of equipment; loose and/or damaged artificial holds; abrasions from the walls, ropes, pads, or the floor; climbing out of control or beyond one’s personal limits; injuries to internal organs; the negligence of other visitors, participants, or other persons who may be present; transmissible pathogen or disease; my own physical condition; and the risk of emotional and psychological injuries or physical damage associated with this activity. In any event, if you or your child is injured, any medical assistance will be at your own expense.

Furthermore, SMS personnel have a difficult job to perform. They seek safety but are not infallible. They might be unaware of a participant's fitness or abilities. They may give incomplete warnings or instructions, and the equipment being used might malfunction.

2. I expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all of the risks existing in this activity. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary, and I elect to participate in spite of the risks.

3. I hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless SMS from any and all claims, demands, or causes of action, which are in any way connected with my participation in this activity or my use of SMS's equipment or facilities, including any such claims which allege negligent acts or omissions of SMS.

4. Should SMS or anyone acting on her behalf, be required to incur attorney's fees and costs to enforce this agreement, I agree to indemnify and hold them harmless for all such fees and costs.

5. I certify that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer while participating, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself. I further certify that I am willing to assume the risk of any medical or physical condition I may have.

6. In the event that I file a lawsuit against SMS, I agree to do so solely in the state of Ohio, and I further agree that the substantive law of that state shall apply in that action without regard to the conflict of law rules of that state. I agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining document shall remain in full force and effect.

By signing this document, I acknowledge that if anyone is hurt or property is damaged during my participation in this activity, I may be found by a court of law to have waived my right to maintain a lawsuit against SMS on the basis of any claim from which I have released them herein. I also agree that this document is valid for subsequent visits and participation at SMS. I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it, and I agree to be bound by its terms.

Media Release: I grant exclusive permission to Swift Athletics LLC, d/b/a Swift Movement Studio and associated entities to use my name, likeness, and photograph for the purpose of publicity, public relations, editorial, or other advertising purposes without restriction as to frequency or duration.


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